Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And They Called Clinton “Slick”

I was really going to lay off this story of the oil company scoundrels peddling their corporate lies on Capitol Hill today, until I read this quote from John Engler, former Republican governor of Michigan, in response to a question (speech partly, I know, but I support her) from Barbara Boxer about how the phrase “shared sacrifice” doesn’t exist for the energy industry, even though we’re all going to get hosed if this winter is a bad one and our heating bills are high and these guys will “skate” as per usual:

"Demagoguery and demonization will not reduce energy prices or solve supply problems in the long run," he (Engler) said. "Our energy supply and infrastructure have suffered from 25 years of increasingly restrictive government policies that have made it almost impossible to access and refine the resources we have. The Senate should dispense with the theatrics and get serious about America's energy supply."
You have GOT to be KIDDING ME!!

The energy crooks have had the easiest time of their lives for the last 25 years under Reagan, Poppy, Clinton, and Dubya. And now Engler is actually going to cry “poor mouth” even though these clowns have been too busy gouging us to get serious about supporting development of alternative energy sources?

Fortunately, Jim Hightower provides a dose of reality from this link (under “Conservative Hypocrisy,” a redundancy if one ever existed). Also, this link provides some additional background as well as a link to a related Smirking Chimp article.


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Robert said...


The democrats are pandering to people like you about the so-called price gouging.

Go and visit my blog for simple economics on why the oil companies are NOT price gouging. Have you noticed that in the last 2 weeks, gas prices have plummeted? I can guarantee you it isn't b/c of political pressure. It's the law of supply and demand.