Saturday, September 13, 2008

My New "House," Again

Fortunately, this looks like a keeper - more to come.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More Changes Coming

Hopefully this will all be settled soon and I can get back to actual posting as opposed to playing with web-based interfaces all day and hacking around with HTML code - I'll keep you posted, as they say.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another "Every Four Years" Horror Story

Just read the following comment in an Americablog post about this (echo chamber time again)...

I've been listening to Air America this morning. Specifically to Thom Hartmann's substitute host. He's been pursuing leads in regard to attempts by the McCain camp and the GOP to set the groundwork for targeted, massive electoral fraud. Calls have been pouring in from Democratic and Independent voters, in key Purple states, such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida, reporting that they have received return postage paid absentee ballots form the McCain campaign or its surrogates. Some of the callers have been spouses of active military, who have either moved recently or have had a spouse deployed overseas. Smells like an attempt to get these filled out ballots sent back to addresses that will ensure that they are disqualified, and in the case of recently moved voters or military voters, an attempt to CAGE these voters and get them disqualifed before Election Day.

If any one who reads this has experienced such activitiy form the McCain/GOP operation, speak up. Report it here, report it to your local Democratic club or Central Commitee, report it to the local and regional media, report it everywhere. Karl Rove is trying to steal a third election. We need to shed a harsh light on this before Election Day to minimize its impact.
Coming on the heels of this, I should definitely say so (and more stuff is here, by the way).

Update: And I know that comment was meant towards the Repugs and not the troops.

Thursday AM Videos

Again, while I get my new “house” ready, here are two more videos.

First, kudos to Matt Damon for this - the predictable outcry from those on the right who are so grievously offended will begin in a moment; really, why aren't more people calling her candidacy the bald-faced, politically motivated sham that it truly is?...

...and here is more on yet another scurrilous McBush campaign ad, probably the worst yet (a bit late with this, I know; good comeback by the Obama team).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote

The latest GOP dirty tricks in Michigan - they're utterly unrepentant scum for this (hat tip to Michael Morrill at Keystone Progress).

Why Our Discourse Is Stupid

Note: I’ll still post here from time to time while I get my new “house” ready.

(Atrios usually weighs in with this stuff but I’m going to take a shot; I’m groveling in homage as I type this – snark.)

  • The conservative mediocracy generates narratives in concert with Republican talking points to emphasize fictions such as John W. McBush’s “maverickyness” and foreign policy expertise, the opposition of “Governor Hottie” to the “Bridge To Nowhere” in Alaska here, the supposed controversy about Barack Obama’s patriotism, etc. (on these points, Drudge, Flush Limbore, Savage et al are frequently indistinguishable from CNN, the Washington Post, the AP, etc.).

  • Individuals such as your humble narrator work tirelessly to disprove this nonsense (though I don’t put myself in the same league as Greenwald, I should emphasize), with barely an acknowledgment from the so-called “respectable” media sources; if anything, these sources deride our efforts, dismissing us as “the left,” the generic “liberals,” the “nutroots,” or whatever category is acceptable this week (as noted, CNN, WaPo, AP, etc.).

  • On the incredibly rare occasion when either the lies are identified within the mediocracy or even the appearance of a point of view that runs contrary to those lies makes itself known or is identified, those responsible are swiftly punished (criticized as being too opinionated, when in fact the narratives they are supposed to reinforce are nothing but opinion, albeit a contrary one) so that the approved lie or point of view is allowed to propagate (of course, the other side can lie and/or obfuscate into infinity).

  • The fictions continue because the media outlets I noted above have a much more sophisticated and powerful means of communication that I ever will, so what they foist on us enters the stream of media consciousness more quickly or more thoroughly than the truth that refutes it, again, from people such as your humble narrator.

  • As this cycle repeats itself, individuals such as yours truly become frustrated with the fact that the media “consumers” in this country are, over time, more educated concerning the fictions than the truth. Some of us express frustration over that, and then the mediocracy is quick to pounce, claiming we are “effete liberals” who think we’re “better” than other people because we claim to know more than they do (and sometimes, we really do know more than they do - in this case, the person fed up with the whole racket is Jacob Weisberg of For this reason, the many times that Christine Flowers, for example, gets proven wrong are forgotten while the one time she happens to stumble upon an instance where we express our frustration is trumpeted in an effort to prove that those questioning the mediocracy are just a bunch of crazy liberals, or something.

  • The game itself is a cheat; I didn’t make up the rules, and neither did you.

    And by the way, everybody loses.

    Update 1: As Atrios sez (h/t for this), "and there you are."

    Update 2: Thanks, Anon (sorry I can't reply with a comment of my own; Blogger continues to give me the symbolic middle digit for reasons I don't know).

    Update 9/11/08: Once more, what Atrios sez...

    Tuesday, September 09, 2008

    An Update

    I'm posting here now, just to let you know (click here)...

    Monday, September 08, 2008

    A Palin We Can Believe In!

    Hat tip to The Daily Kos for this (and I guess I was incorrect here).

    Something The Dems Forgot

    I just came across this “New Rules” segment on “Real Time” a week ago (not the most recent show), and I wanted to take note of his final rule in particular; again, I disowned the “messenger” because of the lies, though the “message” is no less important (and for that reason, I disagree with Maher – keeping Edwards out was the right thing to do).

    Monday Note

    Yours truly is in sick bay at the moment, and also Blogger apparently doesn't feel like trying to resolve my tech support issue (sorry, but this site isn't worth a lot if I can't view it), so I don't believe there will be any posting today.

    In the meantime, upon reading the news that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews were dumped as election coverage anchors from MSNBC because they were too "opinionated" (read: too liberal, though, as we know, IOKIYAR; Tweety can defend himself, though), I'm sure some kind of a reprimand will also be in store for David Wright of ABC for trying to manufacture a quote from Barack Obama that he was wrong to oppose the surge (here, and I hasten to emphasize that Obama never said that), as well as a punishment for Tom Brokaw for his "reporting" that Oprah Winfrey hosted Obama while he was a presidential candidate (here).

    Update: Greenwald, as usual, makes the point more thoroughly here.

    Sunday, September 07, 2008

    Sunday Stuff

    It took a few minutes of back-and-forth happy talk before they got down to business, but I thought this was a good interview on "Real Time" with Bill Maher and Jeffrey Toobin a couple of days ago...

    ...and yeah, Rachel, that's what I call it also (and I hope Clarence Page is wrong, but I don't think he is)...

    ...and speaking of the Illinois senator, here's the story on what happened with that background mixup during John W. McBush's speech last Thursday (snark)...

    ...P.O.D. ("Youth Of The Nation")