Saturday, June 09, 2012

Saturday Stuff

Lawrence O’Donnell brings us an important history lesson here, and when you recall everything he says, it only emphasizes how small, petty and callow Willard Mitt Romney truly is (and commendable introspection on O’Donnell’s part, by the way)…

…and happy belated birthday to Boz Scaggs.

(And please, no fanfare by my 6,000th post – never thought I’d see 100 for a time, actually.)

Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Stuff

Can’t improve upon this, ladies and gentlemen (but before we chortle too much over #1 in the clip, be advised that a certain Barack Hussein Obama signed into law legislation allowing guns in our parks – sooo, why exactly is that wasteoid Ted Nugent all POed again?)......

...and speaking of guns (God, will this country ever learn?)...

...and I now give you the latest lies from Willard Mitt Romney (and what priorities too - in a related vein, I give you this from Professor Krugman)...

...and best wishes to Sheryl Crow – hope all goes well with her health.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Thursday Stuff

(I also caught a bit of a break and posted here.)

So let’s see, we’ve gone from Willard Mitt the dog abuser to Willard Mitt the school bully – now, apparently, we have Willard Mitt the police impersonator too?

I’m not concerned about Romney. However, I am concerned about the slime from the other side…

…and RIP Bob Welch, a sadly apropos tune from my second-favorite Fleetwood Mac album (what a waste – my condolences to family and friends).

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wednesday Stuff

(I also posted here.)

Gosh, I though Norm Orenstein and Thomas Mann were fixtures on the Sunday morning gab fests – see what happens when you tell the truth in D.C. pundit land? The only show that will book you belongs to that troops-hating pinko Chris Hayes (removing my tongue from my cheek)…

...and yeah, Hosni Mubarak Walker’s pals outspent the Dems and he remained as governor – we came up short, but there’s no percentage in doing nothing (this tune comes to mind for yours truly).

Monday, June 04, 2012

Monday Stuff

It comes down to tomorrow, people (here) – let’s make this happen for no other reason than to stick it to George Will and the rest of the Beltway media elite, chortling at those impolite public sector employees while they enjoy their Bordeaux and pass the sweet and sour shrimp by the Potomac...

...and I think this is a neat tune, even if there is no video (possibly with this in mind?).