Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another "Every Four Years" Horror Story

Just read the following comment in an Americablog post about this (echo chamber time again)...

I've been listening to Air America this morning. Specifically to Thom Hartmann's substitute host. He's been pursuing leads in regard to attempts by the McCain camp and the GOP to set the groundwork for targeted, massive electoral fraud. Calls have been pouring in from Democratic and Independent voters, in key Purple states, such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida, reporting that they have received return postage paid absentee ballots form the McCain campaign or its surrogates. Some of the callers have been spouses of active military, who have either moved recently or have had a spouse deployed overseas. Smells like an attempt to get these filled out ballots sent back to addresses that will ensure that they are disqualified, and in the case of recently moved voters or military voters, an attempt to CAGE these voters and get them disqualifed before Election Day.

If any one who reads this has experienced such activitiy form the McCain/GOP operation, speak up. Report it here, report it to your local Democratic club or Central Commitee, report it to the local and regional media, report it everywhere. Karl Rove is trying to steal a third election. We need to shed a harsh light on this before Election Day to minimize its impact.
Coming on the heels of this, I should definitely say so (and more stuff is here, by the way).

Update: And I know that comment was meant towards the Repugs and not the troops.


Anonymous said...

One would hope the democrats and the aclu and the boards of election would jump on this to prevent another election going to court.
I heard the troops were favoring Obama. What a bunch of dirt bags.

Anonymous said...

oops...I did not intent to imply the troops were dirt bags. Thats how it looks.