Friday, September 02, 2005

No Break From Thievery

As we know, the empty-suit-in-chief recently railed against people illegally profiting from the fuel shortages that are going to spring up now as a result of Katrina’s devastation of the oil refineries along the Gulf Coast.

Well, I’d like to know this. If the price of gas is contracted 30 days in advance, how come it is fluctuating so much immediately? That shouldn’t happen for a few weeks yet. Was there another shortage we didn’t know about, or is this taking into account the lack of expected production in Iraq due to insurgent attacks (something else this administration is trying to cover up)?

Also, not every region in this country receives its gas from the Gulf area. For example, there are numerous refineries in New Jersey, many of which are operating at reduced capacity due to layoffs. I have it on good information that the Hess refinery in Port Reading, for example, is operating at about a third of its capacity for that reason. Of course, reduced supply means a higher price (I’m no economics whiz, but even I know that). Are the people who were laid off going to be brought back to work to increase the supply and make gas cheaper?

(Of course, this doesn’t even take into consideration increasing support and development of alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar power – and yes, maybe even another look at nukes – as well as hybrid automobiles.)

Who’s gouging who in this deal, Mr. President?

Update: Here's more proof courtesy of The Smirking Chimp.

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