Sunday, November 06, 2005

No To Dobson and Allan

Local PA political stuff again (Election Day is Tuesday - as they say in Philly, "vote early and often")...

Dear Fellow Lower Makefield Resident,

I am writing on an issue of concern to many residents; the Matrix site and the future of our township. As you may know, before I was elected to the Board of Supervisors two years ago, I served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Residents Against Matrix. We worked hard to stop the original Matrix proposal because it would have been wrong for our township (my note: it was a "big box retail" development project).

To avoid any future Matrix-like projects down the road, we need two things: people on the Board who respect the views of our residents and who don't have any personal agendas and an open government that keeps residents aware of what's going on. We can have both of those things by electing Ron Smith and Greg Caiola supervisors next Tuesday, November 8th. Here's why:

Ron and Greg are committed to serving residents, not developers. Unlike their opponents, they have not accepted any money from developers. They also share my commitment to preserving open space - including Patterson Farm - and stopping bad development before it starts. Allan and Dobson? When Allan was a supervisor, he abstained on the Matrix issue, hardly a show of leadership. For his part, Dobson was a supporter of the original Matrix plan.

Ron and Greg also support my call to televise township meetings, and want to notify more residents when a land development project is proposed. The first time that you learn about a developer's plan for your neighborhood should not be in the newspaper. Ron and Greg are the only candidates who support these measures.

With Ron and Greg's help on the Board, we will be able to prevent another Matrix from happening and we will put Lower Makefield on the path to an even brighter future. I ask that you vote for Ron Smith and Greg Caiola on Tuesday November 8th.

Thank you.


Steve Santarsiero
Lower Makefield Township Supervisor
There is some new Dobson and Allan propaganda floating around here that Ron and Greg want to build a "town center" at Edgewood Village by trashing the surrounding landscape. That is approximately the same material that was recently spread around Shady Brook farm in preparation of next spring's growing season (which draws both flies and Republicans, alternately).

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