Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Genius Maybe, But Still A Coward

Do me a favor, OK? (and be warned that I AM going to call him names…)

Look at this big, fat, self-satisfied face every single day (and I know it’s difficult to do that without gagging).

Look at this sanctimonious jackoff who, more than anyone else, is the reason for all of the domestic horror currently facing this country (I’ll lay our overseas misery in Iraq and Afghanistan squarely at the feet of Cheney and Rumsfeld for now).

Look at this loathsome toad languishing in his own self satisfaction (as documented by my lefty “betters,” including Kos here) and know that HE is perhaps the main reason why we must continue to fight every day.

And look at him and know that one day (not soon enough), he will be relegated to the scrap heap of history, and his disgusting era will begin to come to a close, either through an indictment that may yet come or an act of God that we have yet to witness.

And know that his house of cards will begin to collapse for good starting in November.

Update 6/19: Chris Satullo of the Philadelphia Inquirer had a good column on this creep yesterday.

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