Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Gift To The Bride

For Jenna Hager (nee Bush), a dose of humility based on this post.

Update 5/16/08: Oh, and by the way, Mrs. Hager, it was "practical" for Marine Lance Cpl. Casey Casanova also (here).


Anonymous said...

Jenna had the chance to get married, Keith Never will

On this Mother's Day please remember the mothers whose sons and daughters were
lost in War in Iraq. My nephew Keith Heidtman of Norwich, CT was killed on
Memorial Day 2007. This is my sister's first Mother's Day without him.
Please take a look at the "Open Letter To President Bush at the CNN site
below and let's put an end to this War so that future militaryfamilies can be
what our family and thousands of other families have had to go through.

Please pass this email and CNN site on to others. Thank You

doomsy said...

Glad to do what I can - you have my deepest sympathies.