Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why Does Joe Pitts Hate America?

I’m a little late with this, but not Greg Sargent, as noted here – sorry about that – but I must ask the question that I’m sure has been on the lips of every American for far too long now.

As Sargent notes above, Pitts and three other Repugs met with President Bashar Assad of Syria before Nancy Pelosi led her delegation over there (which also included a Republican, by the way). And since Pelosi has been vilified all over the place for her visit, why shouldn’t Pitts get the same treatment for his?

As noted in this Lancaster Online article dated last Tuesday…

Gabe Neville, Pitts' chief of staff, said Monday the conference between Assad and the three Republicans was intended to be "low profile."

"It was done in cooperation with the administration," he said.

However, White House spokesman Alex Conant said Monday the Bush administration — as a blanket policy — "discourages all of (Congress') visits" to Syria, a country believed by the White House to sponsor terrorism.


Details about Pitts' trip to Syria, including when the White House learned of it and whether and how the Department of State was involved, were not available from Neville, who said, "I'll let (Pitts) answer that when he gets back."

Neville also declined to divulge Pitts' return date, citing security concerns.
I’m sure that, when it comes to al Qaeda and any other “splinter” insurgent groups that are trying to kill us, Pitts is sitting right at the very top of their “hit” list, right?

Please – I certainly don’t wish ill on the man, but if I ever had to defend life, limb, family and/or property for the sake of my very survival, I can tell you right now that it would not be because something untoward had happened to Joe Pitts.

Also, I searched Pitts’ web site to find out more information on the visit, but I guess he thought it was inappropriate to tell his constituents exactly what it was that he did (“security concerns” and all that, I guess).

But I suppose there is sort of a goofy logic to Pitts’ visit to Syria when you think about it. I’m sure he can vote “no” just as well over there as he can here.

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