Friday, September 15, 2006

Why Rummy Is Still Here

I’ve been meaning to get to this (a week late which can be like a year doing this, I know), but for the record, let’s note that we are still saddled with Don (“The Secretary Of Defense You Have”) Rumsfeld because of Repug Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska (pictured).

And by the way, did you know that, according to this Sourcewatch article, Stevens is actually third in line to become President if something happens to Dubya, and then Cheney, and finally Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, since Stevens is president pro tempore of the Senate? So we’re totally screwed regardless unless the Democrats take at least one house of Congress in a few weeks (among the many reasons to can the Repugs, that should be on our list also).

Last Wednesday (9/6), the motion to fire Rumsfeld was defeated by Stevens with a procedural move. Looks like Ted “got that Internet that his staff sent to him” in time to save Rummy’s butt.

And with a quote like that, it’s not a surprise that Stevens is “totally out to lunch” on the issue of net neutrality (I may have something more to say about that later), though the big problem is that he is in charge of the Senate Commerce Committee which has a lot to do with online oversight. To me, that’s like putting Tom DeLay in charge of a task force on ethical reform in government.

Well, did you know that Stevens also held up Defense funding and Katrina relief to get and get an amendment for drilling in the ANWR in December of last year (according to Sourcewatch)? And he (along with Robert Byrd, unfortunately) also tried to block development of an online database to track federal grants and contracts as part of the never-ending battle to rein in government pork (including Stevens’ infamous “bridge to nowhere”).

As Sourcewatch also notes, Stevens was first elected to the Senate from Alaska in 1968 (God, is he the best that great state can do?), so I’m quite sure there’s a treasure trove of stuff out there on this guy like this, including that tidy little $29 million earmark for the "Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board," chaired by his son Ben.

I don’t have much of anything else to add, except that you should be wary of any politician who poses with Marvel Comics superheroes wearing a “Hulk” tie (thanks to Rising Hegemon…you couldn’t make this stuff up, could you - and doesn't that kid look so thrilled?).

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