Sunday, September 10, 2006

Our Perilous "Path"

Gee, I wonder if the reason why the Inquirer endorsed this sick, twisted sham of a 9/11 movie in its editorial section yesterday had to do with the fact that they purchased a full-page color ad for it that appeared today in the front U.S. and World News section?

Also, Dick Polman wrote another piece today about how confrontational our politics and our media are anymore; I give Polman more credit than the typical journo, but I'm tired of reading recycled stuff like this that just bemoans how bad everything is without mentioning the media mergers and consolidation in the 90s that ended up playing a huge role day in and day out regarding "the corporate voice" that we hear anymore to the exclusion of practically anything else (with humble bloggers such as yours truly trying to "horn in" and get their points across any way possible). And to still blame "a backlash against the '60s" at this point is laughable.

Polman hinted at a possible career change in what he wrote, by the way. If he's leaving the fray, so be it; I wouldn't totally blame him if he did.

But since this sick, twisted fantasy of a movie is apparently going to air, I guess I only have one word to say at long last: good. It will finally be proof positive for anyone who still has doubts that most of what we see, hear and read cannot be trusted because it is beholden to the radical right. Conservatives complain about a soap opera movie regarding their two most beloved cultural icons and it gets pulled, while over 200,000 people sign a petition telling ABC to pull a fictitious film about the worst terrorist attack on our soil (with a former President of the United States calling for removal of it also) and the movie airs anyway. If that doesn't tell you who is behind the messages we receive masquerading as information (and that is true in the extreme for Brian Tierney and the Inquirer), nothing will.

Update 1: Good for Harvey Keitel, and isn't it nice how the production gets the small details right (dear God - hat tips to Atrios for both)...

Update 2: Whatever keeps Mickey smiling...

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