Tuesday, September 12, 2006

As Dubya Becomes Even Less Relevant

We continue to debate the acceptable level of force required to achieve the military goal.

We continue to debate the politicizing of the worst terrorist attack on our soil that led to the horrendous Iraq war and our deteriorating military occupation.

(And by the way, Mr. Casey Jr., I’d like to see a sign of life from you on this issue. I’d like to hear you ask how the hell Rick Santorum could have the gall to criticize the Democrats on the war when the only thing he ever did about the military was to run away from service as fast as he could.)

And while we do so, age-old friends-turned-enemies are friends again.

Sorry, I don’t really have much to say, only to repeat once again that any human life form with a pulse and some functioning gray matter could see that Iran was going to end up with perhaps the greatest influence in the region outside of Syria after we blew Iraq to pieces.

And the only other thing I mean to say here is this; pray and offer good thoughts and wishes (and whatever we can give of our time, funds or other means) for our people stuck in that God-forsaken mess (the “Help Our Service People” box with related links is about halfway down the page in the right column).

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