Friday, September 15, 2006

Find A Clue, Bob

I am having a harder time mustering support for Mr. Bob Casey, Jr. than you can possibly imagine.

He gave a speech at Catholic University yesterday where, according to the Bucks County Courier Times, he emphasized one of the age-old right wing chestnuts; namely, that the Democratic Party (always with the “ic,” as Hendrik Hertzberg pointed out) would not let his father speak at the party’s convention in 1992 because Casey Sr. opposed abortion.

As Atrios says, zombie lies never die (especially when uttered by someone who is supposed to know better…please excuse the stuff in the linked article on Jim No-Talent and his supposed “independence” from Dubya, and by the way, vote for Claire McCaskill, any of you fine people in Missouri who may be reading this).

Mr. Casey Jr., let me point out now and forever that, if you somehow end up losing this senatorial election to a human nematode like Rick Santorum, I will make it my personal mission to hound you at this space for the rest of your days.

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