Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today's "Patrick's Book Deal" Nonsense

I really don’t want to devote much time to this since I already said something about it awhile back, but in today’s Bucks County Courier Times, someone named Michael Brady of the Majority Accountability Project (some freeper Astroturf outfit that I guess will be dogging Patrick around as well as other Democrats into next year’s elections) sounds off on how horrible the book deal signed by Patrick supposedly is.

I think the site for these clowns can be accessed here; I am unable to test this link at the moment, but I will later (long story).

And it’s funny to me what Brady considers to be “questionable”; apparently, the book deal is, but it’s perfectly fine for Brady to publish the approximate amount of debt that Patrick and Jennifer have accrued to date? Talk about a low blow.

And though the Courier Times commendably printed a response by Patrick to run side by side with Brady’s garbage, the paper identified the MAP as “an Internet-based news service serving as an online clearing house of information (redundant?) on the Democrat House Majority. (Brady) formerly served as director of Strategic Communications for the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC).”

“Democrat” Party, huh? Scumbag…

I’m not sure why, when reading that information, someone at the Courier Times didn’t get suspicious and do a little more digging into Brady’s ties to the “Republic” Party. Why anyone would think Brady would be a reliable source for information on Democrats is something I cannot imagine.

And as long as we’re talking about Patrick here, let me add a brief update on the effort to bring the VA cemetery to Upper Makefield.

This story in the Courier Times tells us that Patrick notified the Upper Makefield Planning Commission last night about details of the property’s sale (UM has yet to review the sale of the Melsky tract upon which Toll Brothers would build homes adjacent to the cemetery, though hearings are scheduled for Sept. 26th and Oct. 2nd).

However, a group of residents has forced yet another delay that caused a Bucks court judge to postpone a hearing to finalize the real estate transfer among Council Rock School District, Toll Brothers and Newtown Township landowner Leo Holt until Nov. 1. The problem, though, is the builder and the VA require preliminary and final land development approvals in hand by Nov. 1, according to Toll attorney Ed Murphy.

And as much as I’d like to use this as an excuse to blame Mikey Fitzpatrick somehow, I can’t do that; actually, he’s representing a group called the Guardians of the National Veterans Cemetery Bucks County trying to get this deal done.

No, the fault lies with a bunch of other residents who, apparently, have just recently decided to screw up this deal even though it has been the highest-profile news event in this area (besides the election) over the past year or so, as noted here…

A handful of Upper Makefield and Newtown Township residents raised several “procedural” issues in court Tuesday, including whether county court Judge Jeffrey Finley should handle the case since he once worked for the law firm Eastburn and Gray. Attorneys for that firm have represented Toll Brothers and the Council Rock School District.

Finley recused himself and forwarded the matter to Judge Susan Devlin Scott. After meeting with the attorneys in chambers, Scott postponed the matter to Nov. 1 at 2 p.m.

Upper Makefield resident Jane Johnson, one of the individuals contesting the land transfer, chalked up the continuance to “procedural issues.”

“The filing and the posting for the court permission for the school board to sell the property to Toll Brothers was done in a sloppy fashion,” Johnson said.

But, Tony Albano, president of (the Guardians), said those who opposed the plan had “several months” to have their voices heard.

“We found it absolutely appalling that when we went to court today; there was no indication whatsoever that [protesters] would be there,” Albano said of what he called the “delaying tactics.” “This has been the most openly discussed issue in Bucks County.”
And if this deal gets blown and Gerlach ends up getting the Pennhurst site, the freepers will be crowing and blaming Patrick forever, even though he is as blameless on this issue as he is with the book deal.

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