Monday, January 05, 2009

Watch Your Ass In 2019, Dubya!

(I should emphasize that I don’t encourage violence against anyone except bin Laden, not even this loser – I also posted over here.)

This McClatchy story tells us that Dubya, thanks to congressional legislation passed in 1997 (when the Repugs were in charge, trying to figure out how many times Bill Clinton unzipped his fly to the exclusion of practically everything else), will be the first president to receive Secret Service protection for only ten years upon leaving office.

And as for Deadeye Dick, the Dems actually did him a favor (God only knows why) and cosponsored legislation covering his mangy butt for six months after he departs, as noted here.

Of course, if Jeb gets in (as Poppy talked about here - God help us), then he’ll change the law back to protect both his brother and his "boss" for the rest of their lives, right?

Well, as I said here, let’s unearth all of the “dead bodies” that the former FLA governor is responsible for again, shall we? Let’s have that discussion once and for all.

Update 1/6/09: Awww, c'est dommage (here).

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