Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday Stuff

K.O. hosts Margaret Carlson from couple of days ago, who reports on one of the final acts of Bushco pettiness and stupidity, and that is the denial of the Obamas to move into Blair House before January 15th; hey, they're trying to settle in earlier so the girls can get used to new schools, O-KAAYY???...

...and TODD! is back to hawk a new recording ("Arena") and provide the following no-holds-barred commentary on the departing bunch at the White House in particular...

"The people who have been running the country are liars and cowards and hypocrites and perverts," he said. "And I wouldn't want all the rest of the men in the world to think that's how you succeed in life. Now that they are out of here, we have to ... reclaim what our traditional ideals were: You protect the weak, you bear up under the horrible burdens, and you seek the truth. ... You sacrifice for others."
Given that, I think the least I can do is put up this vid ("Black And White," a tune that I think has aged pretty well in 33 years).

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