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Doomsy's Do-Gooders And Dregs (2008 - Pt. 1)

Yep, it's the time for "year-end" lists once again, and I'd better start getting this wrapup for 2008 together because I have a lot of stuff, and I hope you enjoy it; like last year, it will probably take me up to New Years Eve to get to it all, so here goes (and before I forget, I should note that I also posted over here).

(Probably unacknowledged hat tips to Atrios, Think Progress, The Daily Kos, and others all over the place here - sorry about that).

Corporate Media Dregs Of The Year Nominee

Richard Cohen (here - Everybody else can fend for themselves, but before the Rielle Hunter blowup, it should be noted that John Edwards reported the cost of the infamous haircut on an FEC filing; he didn’t “lie” about it.)

Most Annoying Electoral Narrative

Voting against Hillary to defeat the “Bush/Clinton dynasty” - I should note that this is dated from about a year ago)…there were plenty of good reasons to vote against Hillary Clinton and plenty of bad ones also, but Bush 41 and (especially) 43 didn’t govern like 42 in any way, shape or form; can we actually be clear about that for a change?

Presidential Candidate Meltdown of 2008

Duncan Hunter (here)

Latest “Pray To God My Head Doesn’t Explode” Idiotic Freeper Narrative

Post-abortive men (here)

Journalistic Hack Of The Year (So Far)

Snitchens (here...h/t Thers at Eschaton)

Dregs Of The Year Nominee

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright for dismissing a lawsuit by journalists seeking access to executions (here)

More Stupid Pundit "Campaign '08" Nonsense

Tweety on Hillary’s primary win in New Hampshire (and this guy wants to run as a Dem for the U.S. Senate from PA?)

Update: I know the prior video wasn't available any more, but this one is - aaaarrgghhh!!!

Molly Ivors responds with this fine post from a similar episode inflicted by Maureen Dowd.

…as does Jamison Foser of Media Matters (here)...

…and Matthews eventually apologized.

Dregs Of The Year Nominee

Lawrence O’Donnell (Jane Smiley tells us why here - O'Donnell ended up being right in a way, but what he said still showed no class.)

Journalistic Hack Of The Year Nominee

Dan Balz of WaPo for this (what Attaturk sez).

Dregs Of The Year Nominee

Bob Johnson (here)

Dregs Of The Year Nominee

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) for this; she would get cited later in the year for more stupidity which very nearly cost her her seat.

The “1984 Got Here 24 Years Late” Citation

(From here, in which Microsoft submitted a patent application in the US for a “unique monitoring system” that could link workers to their computers; leave it to Gates to come up with something like this, and I don't mean that as a compliment)

Strikeout Of The Year

Congress investigating MLB and the whole steroids thing (here, including Miguel Tejada; with the many, many important issues out there, why on earth did they ever waste time with this - and this is the Dem-controlled 110th, so I can't blame this on the Repug 109th).

Dregs Of The Year Nominee

Dave Seanor, the editor of Golfweek who approved a cover for the magazine with a noose on it in response to the disciplining of TV analyst Kelly Tilghman for her “lynching” remark concerning Tiger Woods ( all that?).

The thing was about to die out, but Seanor decided to keep it alive anyway. And he was sacked for it.

The “But Pro-Scorched Earth Is OK” Citation

To Choteau schools (Montana) Superintendent Kevin St. John, who cancelled a speech that was to be given to high school students by Nobel Peace Prize laureate and University of Montana scientist Steve Running on climate change because it would be “anti-agriculture” (here).

Dregs Of The Year Nominee

Fareed “The (Iraq) War Has Largely Ended” Zakaria ( more free passes from yours truly for this guy)

Update 12/11/08: Zakaria continues to be right, as you can see.

Clueless Alma Mater Of The Year

Archbishop Ryan High School in Philadelphia (here - it hurts).

Do Gooder Of The Year Nominee

Thomas Warziniack (here, for still wanting to stay in this country despite this Bushco garbage).

The “But Any Method Of Torture Imaginable Re-enacted on ‘24’ Is OK” Citation

The FCC proposed a $1.4 million fine against 52 ABC affiliate television stations for "multiple, close-up views of (a) woman's ‘nude buttocks’” on a 2003 episode of “NYPD Blue” here.

More later...

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