Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Stuff

I wanted to put my fist through the monitor listening to Geraldo Rivera, of all people, saying that the UAW was "unpatriotic" for supposedly letting the Big Three loan deal collapse, to say nothing of Governor Rick Perry of Texas saying that union contracts are "onerous" - of course you don't care if the automakers go belly-up, you hypocrite (exactly how much oil money ARE you sitting on, anyway?). They all make me want to vomit...and for the reality point of view once again, here is Michael Moore...

...I'll be honest with you; I'm too disgusted to deal with politics right now after this story, so instead, let's just take a minute to celebrate a guy named Francis Albert Sinatra, who was born on this date in 1915 ("It Was A Very Good Year," recorded at the Sands in Las Vegas in 1966)...

...My Morning Jacket ("I'm Amazed")...

...and here's "Soulful Christmas" with James Brown, of course; bet they're gettin' down wid' da' funk at the pearly gates, right?

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Anonymous said...

They are trying to complete reagans agenda.
The assault on unions began with him as I recall.
I often wonder how many union members did vote for republicans based on the war and other issues, sucked in by the flag waving and jingoism. Reagan got a few union guys too. I could never understand why. History shows the repugs are anti organized labor.
For sure there were more auto workers kids serving in Iraq then kids from wall street, or the senate. So patriotism is now defined as auto workers taking a 50 percent pay cut while the banking crew goes on as if nothing has happened.
Its not that long ago that geraldo and others were saying a raise in taxes on the wealthy to pay for a tax cut for those in the middle who desperately need help was socialism.
Can we say that telling the auto workers to kick back half their wages or lose their jobs is extortion?