Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Grudging Edwards Postscript

Before I completely turn my back on the former senator from North Carolina, I must, in fairness, present the following noted by Paul Krugman yesterday here…

One more thing: if we do get real health care reform, a lot of people will owe a debt of gratitude to none other than John Edwards. When Mr. Edwards dropped out of the presidential race, I credited him with making universal health care a “possible dream for the next administration.” Mr. Edwards’s political career is over — but perhaps he and his family can take some solace from the fact that his party is still trying to make that dream come true.
That’s true, but it’s just about impossible now for me to accumulate even an ounce of respect for a man who, though a philandering liar, somehow believed that he could overcome that to win the Democratic Party nomination for president (I thank God now that he didn’t, or else this election would be over).

And this “99 percent” quote, in light of the lies and covering up over the episode with Rielle Hunter, is one of the most pitiable whines that I have ever heard.

Update: By the way, Flush, God just called; he said you can keep your "talent" (h/t Atrios).

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