Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh, And About The War...

I want to puke...again.

And I know I don't need to remind you about this, Patrick, but I'll be watching, along with many others.

(By the way, the Kos link to the WaPo story takes you to Page 2 - here's the link to Page 1.)

Update: And Dubya is going to veto it anyway without even having seen it, so they sold out for nothing...


JohnW1141 said...

The Dems are failing so bad that the people that gave them Congress, their base and the Independents, might not show at the polls in 08 and that means Repug White House, Senate and House

doomsy said...

God I hope you're wrong, or else all of this really is pointless after all.

It's easy to forget what the Dems have actually accomplished in moments like this, though. Sure, the six pieces of legislation they passed in the first 100 hours yielded only an increase in the minimum wage because of the Repugs (and even THAT didn't come without more stupid tax cuts), but does anyone think that Gonzales wouldn't be gone by now without Patrick Leahy in charge of the Senate Judiciary Committee instead of Arlen "Sellout" Specter (and by the way, yes, he's cast some good votes, but he's bailed on the ones having to do with the war first and foremost, along with some others in which he's "lied down with Dubya" if you will). To say nothing of what Waxman has accomplished in charge of his House oversight committee? Does anyone think Rove would not have left?

Most of the country recognizes that the Dems can't do what they were elected to do because of the Repugs. It's when they refuse to fight that their approval numbers go into the tank.

The nightmare scenario you described could come to pass, God help us, and I'd be more afraid of that if it weren't for the war. All of the Repug presidential candidates except for Ron Paul support it. Though the Dems have been enablers of a sort on the war, it is owned by the Repugs first and foremost. They will be held more accountable than the Dems, and it's also why I believe one of the major Repug candidates will cave on it to distance himself and steal votes away from Paul (my money is on Rudy to do that and try to turn it into a "Nixon Goes To China" moment).