Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Welcome To The Global Economy

As noted in this USA Today editorial, it looks like some foreign-owned companies are seeking to be listed first on overseas exchanges and bypassing Wall Street, and that could create employment uncertainty for investment brokers and other financial specialists if this turns into a trend, with those minted occupations slowly migrating offshore.

And in response, these newly challenged U.S. employees are seeking what are, in essence, such protectionist measures as trying to rewrite New York state banking regulations and tossing post-Enron accounting reforms out the window in an effort to save their jobs.

What a bunch of whining babies!

Where the hell were you clowns when our manufacturing base started disintegrating and our computer services and support industry started heading primarily to India and China? Too busy getting fat, dumb and happy from fees and commissions to notice, I would assume (oh, but The Wall Street Journal said globalization means that our U.S. economy is “robust,” so everything is just fine…why can’t everybody just shut up and vote Republican anyway?).

All of this serves you right. I guess this means no more brunches at the Four Seasons for awhile, or you may even have to pass on those tickets to “Spamalot.” Say hello to the ESPN Bull Riding finals and Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast.


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