Monday, February 12, 2007

It's The Planet, Stupid!

Bushco never ceases to amaze me in its pitiable greed and arrogance.

So, according to this story, Dubya and his buddies don’t recommend carpooling to ease traffic congestion, but recommend instead building more roads, presumably to charge fees so contracting firms that are friendly to this administration will make more money.

I’ll tell you what; in the Yahoo News story, select Find from the menu bar on the upper left corner of your browser (wow, writing user instructions in a post – a first, for what it’s worth), and when the dialog box appears, enter Global Warming in the text box, click Find Next, and then tell me what happens, OK?

Actually, I’ll tell you what happens; you get the message “search item not found.”

And that is what the Yahoo story is supposed to be all about. Yes, easing traffic congestion is important, but trying to control greenhouse gases is just a bit more of a priority as far as I’m concerned.

This gives you more information on what we can do about trying to control CO2 and greenhouse gases. Of course, if this administration really cared about the environment (and have they ever?), they would provide this information themselves.

And by the way, is it asking too much for the news story to identify an actual human being who is trying to foist this scam instead of just saying “The ‘White House’ said” every other paragraph while hiding behind a report?

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