Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Help Burner Scorch The Repugs

This came my way from Jim Dean from Democracy for America on behalf of Darcy Burner, running against Dave Reichert in the 8th congressional district in Washington State.

The November election is a referendum on the status quo. Congress has blindly followed the President as he leads America in the wrong direction. No oversight. No questions. Absolutely no accountability. The President wanted to attack Iraq. They gave it to him. Torture? Sure. Spy on Americans? Go for it. This Congress doesn't know how to say "no."

It's time for Dennis Hastert and the Republican leadership to go.

On November 7, we have a chance to change direction. We can change this country if we change leaders in Congress. Darcy Burner is one of the best and will help turn this country around and move America forward. Will you help her with the resources to win?

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The daughter of an Air Force veteran and a public school teacher, Darcy Burner has lived the American dream. She worked hard in school, put herself through college, and went on to a successful career at Microsoft. Now she's taking on an incumbent Republican in Washington's 8th district to become a voice for working families. The district has never voted to send a Democrat to Congress, but it voted against Bush in 2000 and 2004.

Polls show that Darcy's race could go either way. That's why Karl Rove came to town in September to headline a fundraiser for her opponent. You can help beat the right-wing Republican machine and send Darcy to Congress by contributing now.

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As we've seen in Washington over the last few days -- a change in House leadership is desperately needed. We can not sit back and stay the course. We must demand a new direction. I ask you to join me in supporting Darcy Burner -- a great leader for change.

Thank you for everything you do,

Jim Dean
And to read more about the race, click here.

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