Friday, May 26, 2006

Play Nice, Kiddies

OK, so R. David Paulison has just been approved by the Senate as the new head of FEMA; Paulison has agreed to refile three years of tax returns to amend “questionable travel deductions” (it just never stops with Bushco, does it?). I’m glad Paulison has now met the requirements of the two Republicans heading the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman:- ).

So now that Paulison has “jumped through that set of hoops,” it looks like Paulison is all set to head up FEMA, right?


Along comes our old buddy Jim Bunning with “some high-and-tight heat” aimed at Paulison’s noggin (guess he didn’t think much of Collins or Lieberman’s recommendation). Seems that Jimbo is upset because FEMA hasn’t yet developed “a suitable appeals process for property owners whose flood insurance claims are rejected.”

OK, that’s a fair concern. But isn’t that something that could be better resolved with FEMA completely intact?

Say, with someone actually running the agency?

Oh, sorry…I forgot that this is probably nothing more than a fit of pique by a little tin Repug god trying desperately to hang onto the trappings of his power as his mental health slowly abandons him.

Well, guess what Senator? Hurricane season is going to be upon us again shortly, and this is no time to be playing political games. So return to reality and do the job your constituents elected you to do, OK?

(Boy, I’d just be proud as punch if I’d voted for this fossil.)

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