Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fear Strikes Out

I guess this should be about former Red Sox player Jim Piersall, the subject of a book and movie with the title of this post. However, this is about another former ballplayer named Jim who, unlike Piersall, should seek treatment for his affliction.

As noted here, Kentucky Repug Jim Bunning “melted down” a couple of times during his closer-than-expected Senate campaign in 2004. He didn’t do much better today with his comment, upon likely Senate passage of the so-called Patriot Act despite the brave, valiant opposition of Russ Feingold, that “civil liberties don’t mean much when you're dead.”

The only thing more pathetic than Bunning’s presence in the Senate is the fact that those glorious red-state Kentucky voters returned him anyway for more of this nonsense, which is a case of just desserts for those who wasted their vote on Bunning two years ago.

Oh, and that perfect game Bunning pitched for the Phillies on Father’s Day in 1964 is a sterling accomplishment that he has hopelessly tarnished by his childish demagoguery.


sweetie said...

I wish Bunning would throw one behind your ear.

doomsy said...

Ha, ha, and that what passes for political commentary where you live? Just don't tell Bunning that there are still "strangers among us" or he may start baying at the moon.