Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not Obtuse to Honor Seuss

To honor Theodor Seuss Geisel on his birthday (or attempt to anyway), I wish to present my post on recent developments in the pending sale of Knight Ridder Newspapers in a manner worthy of the pride of Springfield, MA (though I'm sure he would do it much better):

Don’t frown, because it’s not absurd
Knight Ridder’s sale will be assured
Media News would never “pan it”
Even if they’re outbid by Gannett
McCorkindale still might bail – beware
If the asking price is $70 per share
But at $66, it will begin
To look good to Dean Singleton
The Media News chief’s on his way
To Contra Costa, San Jose
After last week, stopping by
Via private jet to PNI
Though he looks good, it’s all a “stall”
Without venture capital
This “good egg” might be worth “nesting”
With KR’s board (two-thirds) suggesting
But no further plans look “hatchy”:
No “white knight” offer from McClatchy
The “big boys” won’t be in the throes
Of health care, pension, union “woes”
So all prepare for rude design
Adhering to that “bottom line”
One day’s pay for three days’ work
Corporate dicta gone berserk
Though all are quiet, lest they swoon
Just like the Fourth of Polk Laffoon
(a real name, by the way…)
Let’s pray the papers do survive
“Afflict those comforted,” and thrive
But if not, say “This ain’t ‘the bomb’”
And go check out
This also links to some excellent reporting on the sale and related background by Lou Alexander.

Update 3/9: Regarding Dr. Seuss, this should have appeared about a week earlier.


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