Thursday, August 11, 2005

"A Run In Panic" Would Be Apropos

This is definitely not the way to recognize September 11th. Something conducive to quiet reflection and consolation is much more appropriate (such as the “remembrance day” ceremonies in England). Of course, if such a ceremony were performed in this country, Bushco wouldn’t be able to milk any propaganda value from it (re: continuing to link 9/11 with the Iraq War as if there was a legitimate connection, which they will continue to do at every opportunity), so how much fun would THAT be for them?

Rich Procter at The Smirking Chimp had a good take on this today, I thought.

(And by the way, with the exception of George Jones, Patsy Cline and very few others, I can’t stand country music anyway.)

Also, as long as I’m mentioning the Bushco quagmire in the Middle East, I should point out that the front page story of today’s Philadelphia Inquirer has to do with the seven soldiers who came from Pennsylvania who recently died over there, and photos of three of them, including Gennaro Pellegrini, Jr. (I linked to his story from yesterday’s Atrios and Daily Kos posts), are on the front page. It’s more terrible tragedy to be sure, but no greater or worse than that suffered by other victims. Whether we’re talking about the first death in combat or the 1800th, we’re talking about one death too many.

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