Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

I think the lead paragraph of this story about sums it all up (how stupid a human being is Dubya not to realize that the vast majority of the people of this country have categorically rejected his Social Security scam, by the way? Never mind...I shouldn't ask).

"Workers are...taking home more of what they earn" (interesting paraphrasing)...that sentence is so far beyond ridiculous that I won't dignify it with any further response.

At least Snidely Snow is saying something closer to the truth...

But of course, Dubya is concerned about the REAL problem to him, which is the continued appearance of Cindy Sheehan near his ranch. So of course, he has to put out the word that she will be arrested if she shows up on Thursday (when Dubya, Condi and Rummy are meeting for a pow wow). However, Sheehan is planning to show up anyway. Good for her.

Also, from the "One Set of Rats Giving To Another" department, this item...

Finally (in a related fit of idiocy), the OxyContin addict (who Paul Hackett tore to shreds in a recent interview - Atrios had something on that today) says that we are currently enjoying an economic boom which exceeds anything seen during the Clinton administration. Don't worry - the Al Franken Show blog on the Air America site (and the NY Times) made him look like the buffoon that he truly is.

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