Monday, July 02, 2007

Today's Terra Update

Aside from the fact that the terrorist threat level remains at “orange” from Mike (“City of Louisiana”) Chertoff and the DHS, where it has been for over a year (can we at least have a hint as to why?), I really don’t understand the point of this story (and I love the fact that it’s basically composed of quotes and paraphrasing from an interview Chertoff gave to Fox; is CNN now in the business of promoting News Corporation also?).

Here is a story from the Times of London about the two attempted car bombings in that city along with the crash at the Glasgow Airport terminal (and I thought this item at the very end of the story was interesting, but not surprising)…

Sources also denied a report from the US that America had warned British intelligence two weeks ago of a plot to attack Glasgow airport.
I suppose the Brits are referring to this; I don’t know if the issue is that the warnings came from previously-discredited sources but we didn’t realize that or that we didn’t think it was necessary to share the warnings with the UK “for operational reasons.”

(Here's more from Atrios/Josh Marshall.)

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