Monday, April 23, 2007

You're Not Funny Anyway, Dubya

Gosh, three posts about President Brainless in one day – I can’t remember the last time that happened.

So I know we all just can’t wait to find out how that White House Correspondents Association dinner went last Saturday, can we? I mean, that Rich Little is just so damn hilarious these days, right?

Well, I’ll let Greg Mitchell and Joe Strupp of Editor and Publisher provide the exceedingly painful details here, and included is a link to a story about Laurie David asking Karl Rove to reconsider his position on global warming, which to me is one of the most well-intentioned but nonetheless stupid things one person can do (and Sheryl Crow, being a stand-up broad, stood up for her bud).

What was Laurie David thinking? Is she so surprised that Rove took the opportunity to bait her in the most confrontational way possible? When has any member of Bushco shown any interest in a dialogue about anything?

Also (and more importantly), congratulations to all award winners including Joan Ryan of the San Francisco Chronicle (and by the way, the quote from her on this site’s banner page came from a great column she wrote at the height of the Terri Schiavo fiasco). I’ll keep checking to find out if and when her column will return – I don’t have an answer yet, and until I do, I’ll keep her link active in the right column on the home page.

Oh, and one more thing...just to refresh our memories, here is Stephen Colbert’s performance from last year (and let’s not forget that Don Imus ascended to the conservative media pantheon based on his performance at this farce in 1996, insulting the Clintons in the most guttural way possible).

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