Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Screw You, Rudy

Well, it looks like "America's Mayor" has started sliming opposition party candidates for president already, and we're still in the "beauty contest" phase of the primaries (no other way to interpret his "white flag" remark, and kudos to Barack Obama for picking up the gauntlet and tossing it right back in Giuliani's face).

And here is more recent fun with the nominee who has no shot whatsoever of competing against the "bible belt" life forms who have no tolerance for much of anything, especially a divorced, pro-choice mayor from a blue state (as noted here). And how arrogant anyway to attack the opposition when he hasn't even secured his party's nomination yet.

And what appears below will follow Giuliani forever.

On another note, posting will be very light today - this may be it.

Update: Click here to tell Rudy to stop peddling this crap, and Keith Olbermann (who else?) had a great Special Comment that you can play from here.

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profmarcus said...

his remark yesterday about the u.s. getting a repeat of 9/11 if a democrat is elected president was the absolute last straw for me... "screw you" is a serious understatement...