Thursday, April 26, 2007

All The More Reason To Leave

(In response to the New York Times headline noting the quote from Gen. David Petraeus about how long he wants us in Iraq…).

Now that both the Senate and the House have passed the Iraq Supplemental, the next step is the inevitable veto from President Brainless, followed by the congressional battle to try and override it.

One of the questions I’d had throughout was the status of permanent bases in Iraq, but thanks to Sen. Joe Biden (as noted here), the measure barring permanent bases was included in the bill sent to the White House (Biden has been a goof on a lot of issues, but he has been occasionally dead-on concerning the war).

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Anonymous said...

In an address to some conference the other day Bush was asked how he would define success in Iraq.
I can only paraphrase here...but I am close. He said success is not the end of violence, that violence will not end, after all...there is violence here..(our country)...he said success would be a level of violence that allows the people of Iraq to go about their daily lives.

So does that mean success is turning Iraq into Philadelphia?

How many dead in Philly now?