Sunday, August 13, 2006

Je Vous Voudrais T and A!

This is a scandal?

Some photos of French presidential candidate Segolene Royal in a bathing suit (with Francois Hollande, the "partner and father of their four children") on some sort of beach holiday?

Hey, at least WE know how to do this stuff right in this country (re: Clinton/Lewinsky, Paris Hilton's Internet porn video, Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson, etc.). And don't even get me started on the French and Ira Einhorn, Mumia Abu-Jamal, etc...

Geez oh man, I would have expected better from the French. After all, this is the country that has brought us Emmanuelle Beart, Isabelle Adjani, Anna Parillaud, and such steamy cinematic moments as Claude Lelouch and Anouk Aimee giving the bedsprings a workout in "A Man And A Woman" and the debut of the fetching, white-hot late-teen Brigitte Bardot (pictured) engorged in lust with her mail companion across the hood of a red sports car (Jean-Louis Trintignant, I believe) in "...And God Created Woman" (man, that Roger Vadim sure knew how to make a movie!).

And from such an honored history of borderline-soft-core-porn, all this country can produce now are some yawner photos of a flabby socialist in a turquoise bikini?

Sacre bleu!

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