Friday, August 18, 2006

Check Out Joe On The Radio

Lots of "Joe" references today with Lieberman, but this is for the good "Joe"...

Pennsylvania Congressional Candidate Joe Sestak to Deliver Democratic Radio Address

(Washington, D.C.) – Tomorrow, Democratic congressional candidate Joe Sestak will deliver the national Democratic response to the president's weekly radio address. Sestak is running against Rubber Stamp Republican Curt Weldon and his address will be the sixth by a Democratic congressional candidate this cycle and will focus on national security. While the failed policies of the Bush administration and the Republican Congress have made America less safe, Democrats are fighting to take America in a new direction, with the tough and smart policies needed to give the American people real security.

Joe Sestak rose to the rank of Vice Admiral and retired after 31 years. His service included a series of operational commands at sea including operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a graduate of the Naval Academy and he served as the Director of Defense Policy in the White House during the Clinton Administration.

WHO: Pennsylvania congressional candidate Joe Sestak

WHAT: Weekly Democratic Radio Address

WHEN: Saturday, August 19, 2006 (at various times across the country)

WHERE: Major radio networks, including ABC, AP, AURN, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, NPR, American Forces Radio, Voice of America, BBC, CBC, and Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Below are EXCERPTS of Joe Sestak's remarks:

"Democrats Will Keep America Secure"

"It's time for new leadership, a leadership that remembers that while we are respected for the power of our military and the power of our economy, we are admired for the power of our ideals."

"The fact is, we are fostering a culture of dependence in Iraq. Iraqi leaders must be responsible for their own country. They must make the difficult political compromises that will stop the civil war and bring about stability. We cannot do this work for them."

"Completing our mission in Iraq will also make America safer everywhere. It allows us to focus on security threats like North Korea and Iran. It gives us the flexibility to revitalize and transform our military. It keeps America's eye on the target: terrorism."

"This Congress has failed to provide the leadership for America to do this. It is time for a new leadership that believes in a change for a safer and more secure America. It's time for a new direction, for an America that believes in a safer and more secure world."
Knock 'em dead, Admiral!

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