Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Catch Of The Day

I usually don't pay attention to the gossipy, "People" stuff, but this was too good not to ignore (nice that the animations seem to be working also).

Creepoid-factor squared: James Woods, who lately has made a specialty out of playing dirty-minded, gross older men (Pretty Persuasion), has dumped his soul mate of a few weeks, Ashley Madison, who at 20 is only 39 years his junior. Woods' friend Scott Sandler, who tells the New York Daily News that Woods has known Ashley through a pal since she was 5 (!?), seems to imply he didn't much care for the match. "She's the anti-Christ," Sandler said. "She truly has the soul of a moth and the brain of a dead trout." (Brilliant imagery!)

So why did Woods ditch the hottie (well, in a skeevy sort of way), who recently made a cameo as Woods' skeevy g.f. on Entourage? Sandler says Ashley showed up at the funeral of Woods' brother, Michael, "in a three-inch miniskirt and chain-smoking." And she spent the day wondering how many photogs were getting her shots. No comment yet from Ashley.
What a touching show of sympathy for a sensitive occasion...I wonder who ol' Jimbo will "reel in" next (sorry...too easy).

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