Saturday, May 06, 2006

Let's Not Forget Chuck

This letter appeared in this morning's Bucks County Courier Times from Judith Gordon of Lower Makefield.

Why I am voting for Chuck Pennacchio for U.S. Senate:

Chuck Pennacchio is neither Santorum nor Santorum lite (aka Casey).

Chuck Pennacchio supports a woman’s right to choose what is best for her and her body.

Chuck Pennacchio was against the Iraq war resolution sending our troops into harm’s way. He supports a timeline and exit strategy.

Chuck Pennacchio speaks with knowledgeable passion on issues.

As directory of the History Program at University of the Arts, Chuck Pennacchio knows how to apply history to today’s events.

Chuck Pennacchio supports a living wage.

Chuck Pennacchio wants to protect the environment by promoting innovative industries and energy sources.

Chuck Pennacchio supports universal health care.

Chuck Pennacchio believes education is the basis for ensuring opportunity for all Americans. We must take the initiative and fix the problems with our schools.

Chuck Pennacchio takes no PAC money. Therefore, he is only responsible to Pennsylvania’s citizens, not special interest groups. This is the only way to end the cycle of corruption.

And by the way, more great letters are popping up in support of Patrick Murphy and chastising Andy Warren appropriately.

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