Thursday, August 18, 2005

Our Next Growth Industry

(aside from the military anyway...)

And to think, our MSM cousins got suckered into that story about Vicente Fox and the stamp, when they could have been devoting more coverage to this (and yes, I know I did too awhile back, but here’s the difference – I don’t get PAID to report on this stuff, and they do). I mean, it's not like Fox is really going to stop it, though.

Update 8/27: As long as we're looking "south of the border," let's take a look at illegals again with this hard-hitting column from a highly unlikely source and author for this page (with an even more highly unlikely, but commendable, suggestion...indirectly, this came courtesy of The Huffington Post.)

At least Arizona is being forward thinking and trying not to get cheated out of the deal with this.

Aside from Bushco and their pseudo-religious, corporate greedhead “born again” minions, did anyone ever believe that we would be able to control drug trafficking only on the supply side (pressuring Colombia when we felt like it), and not doing anything seriously on the demand side here, but instead trying to prosecute cancer patients in Oregon who want a little grass to help them with their chemo? Or was I na├»ve not to realize that the whole “war on drugs” was a PR stunt from the word go and was never intended to amount to anything anyway? And of course, border enforcement has been such a priority under Bushco, what with Wal-Mart, Con Agra and the like needing all of those illegals the way they do…

But at least the investor class doesn’t have to worry about this, because, according to one of their house organ publications, the next “hot” place for offshoring of our jobs will be below where all of the drug trafficking is getting moved to anyway (interesting geopolitical coincidence – I’m sure Vivek Paul is leasing office space even as I write this). At least the Mickey D’s in Penndel will always be hiring (“I’m lovin’ it”).

(I can just picture the interview process now – “So how long exactly were you a mule for Mr. Carillo’s organization? Do you have a criminal record? What version of MS Office products were you using before your bust, anyway? What are your strengths and weaknesses?”)