Monday, August 15, 2005

A Letter To Larry Mattlage

Dear Mr. Mattlage,

I just read the CNN story mentioning that you fired your gun into the air within earshot of protesters supporting Cindy Sheehan outside the ranch of your neighbor President Bush. Despite your explanation that you are “getting ready for dove season,” I think this is curious behavior for someone who stated that he was originally supportive of the protestors when they first appeared.

I’m sorry that the view from your home and your roadside access is temporarily being hindered. In the case of road access, you should contact your local law enforcement authorities and have them warn the protestors or set up barricades enabling you to negotiate through traffic. I’m sure that Ms. Sheehan and the other protestors would be reasonable enough to grant you such access.

In the case of your view, I just think you’re going to have to live with it for a little while. Besides, who are you to tell the protestors that they have, apparently to your thinking, spent enough time near your property making their case and should leave? Is there some type of local, state or federal standard that exists defining the length of time for an aggrieved party to stage a peaceful protest in this country? If there is, could you please notify me about it, because I am not aware of one.

Also, I must ask you these questions. Has any family member or friend of yours either been wounded or killed as a result of military conflict? Have you yourself ever been wounded in the service? Have you served?

Can you for a minute imagine the pain of Cindy Sheehan who knows that her son is dead and merely wants an explanation from the man who ordered him into battle as to why (I know Bush met with her once before, but she wishes another meeting – why is this a problem)? Can you imagine the pain of other parents who have lost sons or daughters under similar circumstances? Don’t you think their right to peacefully protest is more important than a temporary obstacle that does not allow you a full view from your property? Don’t you think Cindy Sheehan and other parents who have lost children in the quagmire of Iraq created by George W. Bush rate better treatment from this President than for him to drive by them as they protest in his Suburban SUV with tainted black windows, ostensibly to go to a little league baseball game?

One more thing: as a resident of Crawford, Texas, you and your town have reaped the accidental benefit of sharing a home with the person holding the most powerful job in the world. This is the other side of that benefit, if you will. I didn’t hear you complaining when things went your way, so I shouldn’t hear you complaining now that they don’t.


P.S. - I think this post by Chimpy sums things up well also.

Update 8/16: Oh, by the way Mr. Mattlage, do you support this? Larry Northern, the life form responsible for this from Waco, is gutteral scum.

Update 8/17: If I could buy your relative a beer for this, I would do so.

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