Monday, August 15, 2005

Dr. Death Returns

Dear Self-Satisfied, Co-Opted, Well-Moneyed, Well-Connected, Republican, Vietnam-Era Liar,

Iraq ALREADY IS “a breeding ground for terrorists”!

Oh, and “the divisions within the United States” were the reason for our failure in Vietnam, huh? How about the carpet bombing of Cambodia you and Tricky Dick ordered while the latter told the world that “this is not an escalation of the war”? How about the fact that 58,000 young men and women were ground up in your quest for détente with China and the isolation of the Soviet Union in the process? Oh, and I seem to recall that that little burglary thing ended up undercutting Nixon’s grand vision of remaking Southeast Asia also. So now I guess that leaves only Walter Cronkite to you to blame, doesn’t it, you cowardly hypocrite?

I love the fact that you casually point out that, even to you, Bushco hasn’t pointed out what the objective is in Iraq (or so you’re telling us, but as far as I’m concerned, if you belong to The Carlyle Group or know anyone who is, then you DO know and have known for some time).

I know Joe (MBNA/Bank of America Is My Daddy) Biden has been after Rumsfeld for some time, and he’s absolutely right, especially on the body armor issue. John McCain made a stirring statement, and he’s also right to say that that should be the goal, but Bushco has hammered him like they hammer anyone who doesn’t kow tow to them, so I understand why he wouldn’t say much beyond that. And Richard Lugar seems to be in a mode where he’s trying to restore his image as a foreign policy pragmatist after totally knuckling under to Bushco on the Bolton fiasco.

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