Friday, August 19, 2005

Now He Tells Us

Nice of you to FINALLY come clean, Colin. However, you’re an unindicted co-conspirator also. This is but a fitful first step on your long, LONG road to redeeming your good name.


Sandy said...

It seems it is Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, an advisor whose leading in telling the circumstances. I have a tendency to believe Colin Powell was being blindsided. That's rather easy to do to a person whose honest. He had to be as cautious as possible. The old adage is better to err on the side of caution. To have totally discounted the information because the informant was named "Curveball" might someday cause as much grief from the other side of the spectrum as now.

What I look forward to is the day elected leadership comes forward to tell absolute truth as they known it. It's a sorry situation considering we might have to wait until we can elect those with the dedication to do that.

I observe, then express visual messages. I think I got it right while noticing Bush is glib, as glib as character we're all familiar with,

doomsy said...


I agree that Powell is by far the most honest, well intentioned and best-experienced individual to serve in this current regime, and it's terrible that he has been besmirched the way he has. However, it was his choice, and he had other options available to him. I'll keep an eye on Wilkerson also. Thanks for the tip and the comment.

sandy said...

I think it would do no harm to publically and privately push for Colin Powell to be more forthcoming with his opinion.

I met him once. It was interesting. What I saw in him was a deep sense of humanity and a person who knows the score when in a fight. Plus, most interesting, a person who despises lies and injustice.

Reading his book confirmed and expanded that impression.