Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Beat Goes On

According to today's Philadelphia Inquirer, our state legislators are at it again. Forty two (42) of them and 54 aides have preregistered to attend a conference (and please...don't call it a junket, or else Raymond Bunt, a Repug of Montgomery, will be upset) in Seattle beginning this Tuesday. Such topics that will be covered through discussions and workgroups include the growing methamphetamine crisis, renewable energy technology and "How To Be An Effective Committee Chair: The Crash Course."

If it weren't for the Shylock-ish pay raise that the bottom-feeding majority of this bunch just ramroded through in the dead of night last month, this conference would probably be no big deal. But they did, so it is (and yes, Matt "Courage" Wright is going to attend - Dave Steil is also, but I'll cut him some slack because he didn't vote for the raise).

Here is an excerpt from the story:

Rep. Gene McGill (R., Montgomery) said critics may argue that "we should stay chained to our desks and spend no money. But the reality is, we believe there is a benefit to these kinds of training conferences."
OK, fair enough. You all go (even though it's going to cost us $180,000).

But here's what I want in return. I want DETAILED descriptions of your activities posted to your web sites (and you all have your own, something else that is probably on our dime). I also want to know how you plan to use your newfound knowledge to craft legislation of benefit to us. And don't send out mass mailings telling us what you did, because you can bill us for that also (gee, what a sweet racket!). Putting it up electronically on the web is cheaper.

I'll cut you people slack for now. But I had better see something of use from this expense, or I won't be so charitable next time.

Update 8/19: Why am I not surprised (I think you have to register)?

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