Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What...He Didn't Charge A Fee?

Let’s see now...regarding this story, maybe the boy could have made it out, but Rosenhaus could have accidentally slipped back in and sunk to the bottom without saving himself, or maybe he could have slipped on the phone that he’d dropped and fallen and cracked his head open, or maybe he could have fractured his wrist in the process of administering CPR and not realized it until after the boy had recovered…the mind boggles with possibilities.

(Yes, I know I shouldn’t say this because I mention on this site that I don’t advocate violence.)

See, you have to know why we in the Philadelphia area despise this guy. He basically sought out Terrell Owens, who is hardly a wallflower to begin with (though Owens showed a ton of guts in the Super Bowl) and brainwashed him into holding out for more money from the Eagles (with Owens’ typically understated comparison of himself to Jesus…oh brother!).

Rosenhaus, Scott Boras...put all of these scummy sports agent characters on a slow boat to China without oars. Or water.

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