Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday Roundup

Our prayers and hopes go out again to Londoners in the wake of more terrorist bombings. They taught the world a lesson in courage and determination during World War II, and it looks like they will be forced to again.

Speaking of pain and misery, apparently the leaders of Iraq are cozying up to Iran, as reported by Billmon and Arianna Huffington. Oh, that’s just great – our people are getting blown to bits so our “friends” in Iraq can cozy up to the enemy (actually, who is our friend and who is our enemy over there? Dubya, that’s one for you. Karl, Dick, Rummy, Condi…anyone?)

I’ve been saying for years that that whole damn area will go Muslim fundamentalist one day, and rest assured when I tell you that I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and even I saw this coming.

Stephen Crockett chimes in with an overview of this country’s descent into a plutocracy (the analysis is a bit simplistic, partly because it lets the Democrats and lazy, uninformed voters off the hook, but he’s essentially right), and Chris Floyd, in typical unsparing fashion, puts all of the pieces together in Bushco’s insidious scheme (including more new reeking, fetid stuff on John Roberts).

Speaking of Roberts, it looks like Bushco got a one-day reprieve in coverage over Karl Rove blowing of Valerie Plame’s identity (great digging on the Niger letter at Brandoland, BTW). A group of CIA agents testified yesterday that, by compromising her identity, the White House compromised also the identity of other operatives. Also, apparently there was some document that noted beyond any doubt (with an S next to her name) that her identity was secret (Update: this is what I'm referring to).

(I saw the story, but didn’t have time to link it…lots of other stuff going on that is hindering my blogging efforts, though I have been dumping tons of content here lately, so maybe it’s just as well for now.)

Atrios has a letter noting that Scumbag Santorum has refused to pay any tuition money to the Penn Hills School District for his children who attended the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School; worse, he may win the legal challenges and actually get away with it. Also, apparently Santorum’s wife was a lobbyist who made a ton of dough before she decided to be a “stay-at-home mom,” thus enabling the big-faced, white idiot to hammer working women. I almost don’t have the words to describe what I truly think of this person (however, the Dems better run on more that “Santorum fatigue” next year, because, unfortunately, too many people will have forgotten this stuff by then).

(Update: In another act of moral cowardice while everyone was preoccupied with the second near-attack on London, our august representatives in the U.S. House approved Patriot Act II.)

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