Monday, July 18, 2005

Fool Me Once, Twice…Whatever

OK, so we turned on the radio this morning and heard that Viacom had dumped Howard Stern, and he was just going to be on hiatus until he starts with Sirius Satellite Radio in January next year. But then, an hour goes by and…gee, whaddaya know? It was just a practical joke. He and the whole crew were back on the radio again. And of course, they were playing tapes of news stations reporting that they were gone and having a good laugh about it.

To me, the problem is that he already did this on April Fools Day a few months ago, and people went nuts of course, and then he and Robin Quivers came back on and laughed at everyone, saying “Look at the calendar people, ha ha.” OK, you got us. But then you did the same thing again today.

Howard, if it weren’t for you, I think just about everyone doing morning radio would be out of a job, unless they worked for an all-news or publicly funded station. You proclaim yourself as the King of All Media, and for the most part, you back that up. Good for you.

However, you should stop screwing with us like this. In our market, there are two good morning radio personalities named Preston and Steve who just came from a lousy station with no frequency to WMMR, which, in this market, is as good as it gets for their format. They are an excellent alternative for us when you leave the air.

We will probably go with Sirius (XM, however, has a lineup that’s just about as good…O&A can be funny, though the stunt that got them tossed before going to satellite was completely beyond tasteless), but we’re going to think about it some more after today.

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