Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Slap In The Face

(I've been trying to find some story or come up with some commentary to lighten things up a bit around here, after the posts on the NRA, Santorum, Westmoreland and Eric Rudolph, but I'll have to keep looking.)

"Job cuts are a good start..."

If that line had been buried somewhere in the story, that would have been bad enough. BUT THIS WAS THE HEADLINE!

Oh, and we're supposed to feel GLAD that ONLY 14,000 people were let go by Hewlett Packard instead of 25,000, which was projected by industry analysts! And, as far as this bought-and-paid-for media clown Paul R. LaMonica is concerned, the WORST PART was that - omigosh! - the SHARE PRICE WENT DOWN!!

This "story" (which probably came word for word from a company press release) is revolting and sickening. Yes, I realize the CNN/Money audience is composed of people trying to figure out where to invest their dough, which is the American way and completely legal and encouraged, but somehow I don't think that audience is composed totally of the same heartless swine as LaMonica.

If you're reading this, please do me a favor. Contact CNN and demand that LaMonica is fired (and I assure you, I don't make that statement lightly). Then he'll come to appreciate a "good start" for himself!

P.S. - If you know someone at Hewlett Packard who was affected by this abomination, please post a comment or send me an Email (link in the very bottom right corner of page), and I'll feature it. I'm a tiny little guppy in the blogosphere, but I'll do what I can.

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