Thursday, October 23, 2014

#9, Martha Roby (AL-02)

(This is for my 2014 U.S. House voting guide.)

With the departure of “Moon Unit” Bachmann, the Teahadists are looking for a new “lightning rod” to congregate around and practice their faux indignation every chance they get. And had Marsha Blackburn been named to the BENGHAZI!! "cluster" instead of Roby, then she would have solidified her own wingnut bona fides. But she wasn’t.

And Roby brings her own brand of “crazy, to wit…
  • She didn’t push back against a “birther” calling Obama a “communist despot” here.
  • “Stockholm Syndrome” Roby voted against the Violence Against Women Act here.
  • She introduced bill to eliminate overtime pay here.
  • And as we all know, more gun laws won’t solve the problem (here - removing my tongue from my cheek).
  • Here is more zaniness from Roby (fourth bullet).
  • For the 2014 election cycle, Roby is facing Dem challenger Erick Wright - to help Wright, click here.

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