Thursday, October 23, 2014

#37, Steve Southerland (FL-02)

(This is part of my 2014 U.S. House voting guide.)
  • Here, Southerland tells us that he hates his job, apparently (all the more reason to return him to private life).
  • Here, he came up with an amendment to a bill requiring SNAP recipients to work 20 hours a week at a minimum or have their benefits cut off (nice guy).
  • He organized a “men only” fundraiser along with Governor Bully and Lex Luthor Scott here (nice – Southerland is defending his seat in a contest against Dem Gwen Graham, daughter of former Senator and Governor Bob Graham),
  • He helped to vote down a measure here that would have discouraged the government from giving contracts to companies that have committed wage theft.
  • He “pink-washed” his sexist campaign and votes here (what a guy).
  • And let's not forget that, like just about everyone else in his party in the U.S. House (including Mikey the Beloved), Southerland voted to extend the government shut down here.
  • As noted above, Southerland is opposed in the 2014 election by Dem Gwen Graham - to help her, click here.

    Update 11/6/14: Not much to cheer about from Tuesday on the "D" side, but nice work here.

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