Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#40, Ted Yoho (FL - 03)

As part of my “tribute” to the U.S. House Repugs and their 50 51 52 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Law...
  • Like every other Repug (I believe) in the House, Yoho (a darling of the Teahadists) voted to cut SNAP benefits while maintaining farm subsidies (here).

  • Yoho also praised an alleged “birther” conspiracy and called “Obamacare” racist against white people (here).

  • In addition to food stamps, he also railed against gay marriage and “terrorist immigrants” here.

  • And speaking of SNAP, it looks like Yoho and his wife applied during the Carter Administration – but of course, he opposes it now because he wants to “wean” people off it, or something (here).

  • There’s lots of stuff on Yoho here, including his “don’t tax our tanning beds” idiocy.
  • Update 10/7/13: OWWWWWW!! THE STUPID!!! IT BURNS US!!!!!

    Update 10/11/13: Actually, I’m not sure who’s more of an idiot here – Yoho, or the caller presumably from his district who thinks that furloughed federal workers automatically “are home watching Netflix and whatever…”

    Update 4/15/14: What a dope (but we already knew that, right?).

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