Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Stuff

I guess he’s “movin’ on up” for real now – RIP, Philly cat Sherman Hemsley

…and I could call this, sadly, a pretty good “ROI” for ALEC and the Koch Brothers (and in the matter of voter ID laws by state, I give you this)…

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…and it looks like we’re into the “teens” with that little thing I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks…
#20, Charlie Dent
#21, Cathy McMorris Rodgers
#22, Chris Smith
#23, Todd Akin
#24, Buck McKeon
#25, Kristi Noem
#26, Hal Rogers
#27, Lou Barletta (Two bonus selections: Boren and Ross)
#28, Paul Broun
#29, Mary Bono Mack
#30, David Dreier
#31, Marsha Blackburn (including backgrounder)

…so that brings us to #19 on our list of U.S. House Repugs trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and that would be Pete Sessions of Texas.

After he and Mikey the Beloved pulled that idiotic swearing-in stunt in January 2011 (where they thought they could get sworn in to Congress by watching the ceremony on TV as opposed to attending in person), Sessions got absolutely owned by a Republican in favor of “Obamacare” (here), though that obviously didn’t influence Sessions one bit in his call to repeal the supposedly “job-killing” health care law (here - warning: wingnut alert!)

Though, as K.O. points out here (and God, do we need him on the air, though the “suits” won’t let that happen I’m sure, at least not until after the election at the earliest…love to be wrong), Sessions has had trouble getting his story straight on other issues as well, earning him a "Worst" nod…

…and here’s a wild and wacky video for all the kids watching at home.

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