Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Stuff

Yep, it’s that time again – here is the total so far…
#26, Hal Rogers
#27, Lou Barletta (Two bonus selections: Boren and Ross)
#28, Paul Broun
#29, Mary Bono Mack
#30, David Dreier
#31, Marsha Blackburn (including backgrounder)

…so that brings us to #25 on the list, and that would be Kristi (“Unsafe At Any Speed”) Noem of South Dakota – as noted here, both she and all-but-named Repug presidential nominee Willard Mitt Romney oppose the Affordable Care Act.

Oh, and as noted here
When the good people of South Dakota voted last month to send Republican Kristi Noem to Congress, they probably believed that she would give no quarter to the lobbyists and special interest groups who enjoyed, as she put it, "throwing money at the feet of a member of Congress." 
But since she defeated Democratic Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (in part by making an issue of Herseth Sandlin's marriage to a lobbyist), Noem has hired her new chief of staff from . . . a lobbying firm! And on Tuesday afternoon, she was the guest of honor at a "Meet & Greet" with Washington high-rollers at the powerhouse lobbying firm Barbour Griffiths Rogers. Once these boys start throwing money at Noem's feet, she'll soon be chin deep in lobbyist greenbacks. 
It was probably inevitable that the Tea Party activists would be betrayed, but the speed with which congressional Republicans have reverted to business-as-usual has been impressive.

…and I’ve spent the last couple of nights observing the passing of two musical legends, so let me now observe a birthday of the same instead, and that would be the 65th of Dr. Brian May of Queen.

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